Purchase policy

  1. General Provisions

    1. Zoombook.lt, .lv,.ee,.com, .nl websites, ZOOMBOOK mobile application and ZOOMBOOK Postcards (hereafter referred to as the ZOOMBOOK website) is the place where You (hereafter referred to as the Visitor), using ZOOMBOOK application, can create personalized photo books, photo labels, notebooks, work calendars, photo calendars, postcards (hereafter referred to as the ZOOMBOOK product), create your ZOOMBOOK product shelves, and order and purchase your ZOOMBOOK product on the Internet.

      We are a company registered in the Republic of Lithuania in Vilnius under the name UAB BALTO trader, company code 302429186, Utenos g. 41B, LT-08217 Vilnius.
    2. Purchase Policy – the use of the ZOOMBOOK website and the ZOOMBOOK product Purchase Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) is a binding legal document for the Visitor and Service Provider, collectively referred to as the Parties, setting out the terms and conditions for the use of the ZOOMBOOK website, the rights and obligations of the Parties on the use of ZOOMBOOK website and terms and conditions for the payment, delivery and return of ZOOMBOOK products, as well as other terms and conditions for ordering, purchasing, and selling other ZOOMBOOK products.
    3. The Service Provider has the right to modify, amend, correct the Policy at any time. The latest version of the Policy is published on the ZOOMBOOK website under the heading: Purchase Policy. Policy changes will take effect as soon as they are published on the ZOOMBOOK website. The Service Provider is not obliged to inform about changes to the Policy. We recommend to periodically visit the ZOOMBOOK website and get acquainted with the latest version of the Policy. If significant changes are made, we will provide information about them on the ZOOMBOOK website.
    4. The right to use the ZOOMBOOK website and to order and purchase ZOOMBOOK products (hereinafter referred to as the product) is entitled exclusively to:
      1. capable natural persons, i.e. persons who have reached the age of adulthood, whose capacity is not restricted by court procedure;
      2. minors aged 16 to 18, only with the consent of their parents or guardians, unless they have the authority to enforce all civil rights or perform their duties on their own.
      3. legal persons;
      4. authorized representatives of all the aforementioned persons.
      5. The Buyer, by agreeing with the Policy, confirms that, in accordance with Clause 1.5 of these Policy, it has the right to purchase the products.
    5. ZOOMBOOK reserves the right to, at any time, without notice, terminate the provision of ZOOMBOOK website services, to modify the ZOOMBOOK website or its separate parts, the entire and any content of it.
  2. Protection of Personal Data

    1. The Service Provider undertakes to respect the Visitor's privacy right to his/her personal information. When processing personal data, ZOOMBOOK follows the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data regulating the rights of the data subject and other regulatory legal acts regulating the processing of personal data, and {the consent of the Visitor which may be obtained for the performance of a specific case, e-commerce, direct marketing, surveys, competitions and games. Find out more on the ZOOMBOOK website at: Privacy Policy.
    2. By registering on the ZOOMBOOK website and purchasing the ZOOMBOOK product and submitting data to ZOOMBOOK, the Visitor agrees that ZOOMBOOK will manage and process the personal data or other information provided by the Visitor and use such information for the provision of the services of the ZOOMBOOK website and for the purpose of fulfilling the Purchase-Sale Agreement in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the Policy.
    3. By using ZOOMBOOK website services, the Visitor confirms that he/she has read the Privacy policy.
  3. Registration

    1. The Visitor must register and create a registered Visitor's account with a valid Visitor's e-mail address, full name, telephone number, which the Visitor must indicate in order to create his/her personal environment and to receive information on ZOOMBOOK products to a specified telephone number, in order to use the ZOOMBOOK website for order and delivery.
    2. After registering on the ZOOMBOOK website, in his/her profile, the Visitor may indicate that he/she wants to receive ZOOMBOOK newsletters in the chosen manner (by e-mail and/or SMS messages}. By ticking the appropriate choices, the Visitor agrees that the Seller will process the personal data (e-mail address and/or telephone number) submitted by him/her for direct marketing purposes. A minor (i.e. a person between the ages of 16 and 18), by giving his/her consent, confirms that consent for the processing of his/her personal data for direct marketing purposes is consistent with, and does not contradict, the will of a parent/guardian of the minor.
    3. The visitor is solely liable for his/her actions on the ZOOMBOOK website and must adhere to established standards of conduct and morals and use the services in such a way as not to put at risk the ZOOMBOOK website and/or the proper functioning of the service, its security, integrity, including but not limited to, uploading invalid data, spreading viruses, unlimited access for others to ZOOMBOOK website and (or) its services, and not to depreciate the good name and reputation of the ZOOMBOOK brand.
    4. The Visitor undertakes to respect each person's rights and dignity and abstain from insults, mockery, unpleasant or improper comments, made in the content of the ZOOMBOOK products that directly or indirectly degrade/offend another person that would offend or harm another person, publish any defamatory, vulgar, abusive, discriminatory or other content that is in violation of the requirements of the law, including any content that causes any legal liability to the Service Provider.
    5. The Service Provider is not liable for and does not review the use of the photos, illustrations or text material used by the Visitor, nor is it liable for and does not review the facts, subject matter, circumstances, and content errors contained in the text material. It is also not liable for the activities of the Visitor, it does not control it and does not represent the Visitor.  The provision of services does not imply that the Service Provider in any way supports the Visitor’s actions or the contents of the publications. The Visitor understands and confirms that he/she himself/herself is liable for the complete and any information and content posted on his ZOOMBOOK website.
    6. The Visitor, while creating a product on the ZOOMBOOK website, must comply with the copyright laws and other legal acts and general principles. By placing own photos on ZOOMBOOK the Visitor assumes all risks associated with a possible third-party privacy violation. The Service Provider recommends that the Visitor, prior to uploading photos or information about third parties to the ZOOMBOOK website, to receive the consent of the said third parties.
    7. The content posted or used by the Visitor for the ZOOMBOOK products (such as photos, illustrations, information and other content) remains on the ZOOMBOOK website as the Visitor's property. The Visitor wishing to receive the ZOOMBOOK website service, grants the Service Provider the right to reproduce content posted/used by the Visitor by printing and to perform other related services, including storage.
    8. The Service Provider reserves the right, at its own discretion, to remove any information from ZOOMBOOK website that is prohibited or contradicts the laws, established rules of conduct and moral norms.
    9. We recommend that you carefully choose your password when registering on the ZOOMBOOK website and not to share it with other people! The Visitor is liable for transferring the login data to third parties. If third parties use Visitor's login data, the Visitor is liable for third-party actions.
    10. The visitor has the right at any time to refuse to use ZOOMBOOK website services by submitting a request to the Service Provider in the ZOOMBOOK website section: Contact e-mail address provided, by sending an e-mail from the e-mail address you provided at the time of registration on the ZOOMBOOK website.
  4. Order

    1. Before purchasing ZOOMBOOK products, the Visitor must additionally provide the shipping address that is necessary for their delivery.
    2. The Visitor is fully liable for the accuracy and correctness of the data provided in the order form. If the Visitor fails to provide accurate or correct data in the order form, ZOOMBOOK is not liable for the consequences arising therefrom and acquires the right to claim direct damages from the Visitor.
    3. The Visitor must carefully review the order layout due to possible errors and inaccuracies before sending an order, as the Visitor will not be able to adjust it and will have to cover all costs of order execution.
    4. When the Visitor clicks on the link ORDER, it is considered that a sale purchase agreement has been concluded between the Visitor and the Service Provider for purchasing of a ZOOMBOOK product, and henceforth the Visitor is referred to as the Buyer and the Service Provider as the Seller.
  5. Conclusion of a Purchase-Sale Agreement

    1. Purchase-Sale Agreement – an agreement between the Buyer and Seller regarding the ZOOMBOOK product order/purchase consisting of a ZOOMBOOK product order application that the Buyer submits to the Service Provider through the ZOOMBOOK website, and the Policy with subsequent amendments and supplements.
    2. The Buyer must keep the order number and not disclose it to third parties who are not entitled to withdraw the goods on behalf of the Buyer. If the order number has become known to other persons not because the Buyer has revealed the order number to them, the Buyer must inform the Seller immediately by the contacts indicated in the agreement. If the Seller does not receive such information regarding the unauthorized disclosure of the order number, the person is deemed to be authorized to accept the product (s) and the product (s) has been duly transferred to the Buyer.
    3. The Buyer that has a Purchase-Sale Agreement with the Seller, is entitled to use the ZOOMBOOK product layout linking service. If the Buyer has chosen to make use of this service, ZOOMBOOK shall ensure the technical protection of the data transfer as far as it is connected to the transactions with the link recipients but, regardless of the technical security measures to be taken, the Buyer assumes full risk and liability for sharing his/her ZOOMBOOK product layout link. More information at: Zoombook layout linking rules.
  6. Buyer's Obligations

    1. The Buyer, having ticked the check mark, agrees with the Policy, must comply with this Policy, other conditions and not violate the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union.
    2. The Buyer must pay for the ordered product and accept it in accordance with the procedure provided for in these Policy.
    3. According to Article 6.22810 (2)(3) of the Civil Code, the Buyer is not entitled to exercise the right to withdraw from Purchase-Sale Agreement if the agreement was concluded on the basis of specially manufactured goods which are not manufactured in advance and which are manufactured in accordance with the personal choice or instruction of the consumer or because of the goods which are clearly adapted to the consumer's personal needs; 1); , the Buyer acknowledges in compliance with these Policy that he/she understands that the ordered product is clearly adapted for the Customer's personal needs and is made in accordance with the Customer's personal choices and instructions, therefore the Buyer acknowledges and agrees that upon submission and payment of the order, he/she will lose the right to withdraw from the Purchase-Sales Agreement, except for the case set out in Clause 7.2..
  7. Buyer's Rights

    1. The Buyer, using ZOOMBOOK website services, has the right to create and order ZOOMBOOK products and purchase them in accordance with this Policy.
    2. The Buyer, having received a defective product, has the right to refuse the concluded Purchase-Sale Agreement by informing the Seller in writing (by e-mail: info@zoombook.nl, indicating the product desired to be returned, its order number and the reason for the return) no later than as within 5 (five) business days from the date of delivery of the product. The Buyer can use the right discussed in this Clause by complying with the conditions of return of the product specified in the section 14 and only if the Seller is liable for defective product and if the Product has not been damaged by the Buyer or has not substantially changed its appearance due to the fault of the Buyer.
  8. Seller’s Obligations

    1. The Seller undertakes to enable the Buyer to use the services of the ZOOMBOOK website and to acquire the ZOOMBOOK product.
    2. The Seller undertakes to deliver the products purchased by the Buyer at the indicated address, in accordance with the conditions established by this Policy.
    3. The Seller undertakes to respect the Buyer's privacy right to his/her personal information.
    4. If the Buyer has taken advantage of the rights set out in Clause 7.2 of the Policy, in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in Clause 14, and if the Seller breaches its obligations, the Seller undertakes to return the money paid by the Buyer within 7 (seven) business days, calculated from the date of receipt of the returned product.
  9. Seller's Rights

    1. If the Buyer attempts to in any way impair the Seller's work, its good name or reputation, data security or violates other obligations of the Buyer established by this Policy, acts fraudulently with the Seller, tries to circumvent the Policy, abuses the privileges and/or discounts granted, then the Seller at any time, has the right to cancel the Purchaser's access to the ZOOMBOOK Website or to completely or partially restrict access to the ZOOMBOOK website base and/or services.
    2. The Buyer agrees that the Seller will unilaterally decide on whether the Buyer has violated the Policy and undertakes to recognize such Seller's decision as legal and correct.
  10. Product Production

    1. The Buyer, agreeing to this Policy, does not dispute that the ZOOMBOOK brand will be printed on the back of ZOOMBOOK products.
    2. Production will only begin after the Seller receives payment for the order (s) of ZOOMBOOK product (s).
    3. The terms for the production of ZOOMBOOK products are listed on the ZOOMBOOK website at: Production Terms and Delivery.
    4. If the Buyer does not receive a confirmation of ZOOMBOOK product production or dispatch within 14 business days, he/she must contact ZOOMBOOK over the E-mail indicated in the website section: Contact by e-mail, by indicating the order number.
    5. The Seller is not liable for the fact that the colour of the ZOOMBOOK product may not correspond to the colour of the product's computer layout on the monitor used by the Buyer.
    6. ZOOMBOOK products are manufactured in the European Union.
  11. ZOOMBOOK Product Prices

    1. Prices for ZOOMBOOK products are in euros. VAT is included in the price. VAT invoices are issued in euros. The prices of ZOOMBOOK products do not include shipping charges.
  12. Billing Procedure for ZOOMBOOK Products

    1. The Buyer will pay for the ordered product (s) via e-banking through Paysera and Paypal payment systems where prepayment is made using the electronic banking system used by the Buyer.
    2. Payment is considered to be received at the moment when the Seller receives a payment order in its bank account.
    3. In the absence of payment, the Seller retains the Customer's order in the system for 15 days. if Seller does not receive payment within these 15 days, the order is cancelled.
  13. Delivery of ZOOMBOOK Products

    1. The Seller undertakes to deliver the ordered products to the Buyer within the time limit specified in the "Shipping and Delivery" section of the ZOOMBOOK website and to do everything in its power to deliver the ordered products as soon as possible. The Buyer agrees that, due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the Seller, the delivery date of the products may differ from the deadline specified in this section or the deadline agreed upon by the Buyer and the Seller;
    2. The ordered products are delivered by the delivery method specified by the Buyer when placing the order. Shipping rates are listed in the "Shipping and Delivery" section of the ZOOMBOOK website. The Buyer undertakes to indicate the exact delivery address of the products and a phone number of the contact person;
    3. After the shipping of the order, the Buyer receives a tracking number, which can be used to track the shipment from the moment the Seller sends it to the time the Buyer receives it. The shipment can be tracked using the tracking option provided by the selected package delivery service provider/courier service;
    4. If the products are delivered by the Seller's authorized representative, i.e. the package delivery service provider/courier service etc., the products will be handed over to the Buyer and the delivery details will be recorded in accordance with the procedure established by the package delivery service provider/courier service;
    5. By choosing the services of a parcel delivery service provider/courier for product delivery, the Buyer undertakes to receive the ordered products himself/herself. In the event that the Buyer cannot receive the products himself/herself and the order is delivered to the address specified by the Buyer and based on other data provided by the Buyer, the Buyer does not have the right to make claims to the Seller in regards to the delivery/handover of the order to the wrong person.
    6. The Buyer, who has chosen the delivery of the parcel via the parcel locker, will receive a notification via SMS message about the delivery of the parcel and the deadline during which the recipient of the parcel must collect the parcel.
    7. A shipment that could not be delivered to the Buyer (the Buyer does not pick up the shipment from the postal locker within the time limit specified in the SMS message or the Buyer is not available at the address specified during delivery via the courier service, provides incorrect delivery data or does not specify a contact phone number, etc.) the shipment is returned to the Seller and the Buyer shall be responsible for the return costs. The Buyer, who has not collected the parcel, undertakes to compensate the Seller for the costs of sending and returning the parcel (for parcel service/courier services) in an amount not less than EUR 4.49.
    8. If the product is not delivered to the Buyer or is not delivered on time, the Buyer must immediately inform the Seller by e-mail: info@zoombook.nl. If the Buyer does not perform these actions, the Seller is released from responsibility towards the Buyer;
    9. After receiving the product, the Buyer must check the condition of the shipment and the product(s). After noticing that the package of the delivered product(s) is damaged (crumpled, wet or otherwise externally damaged), the product(s) are damaged and/or the product(s) are not in the right package, the Buyer must indicate the comments in the package delivery document provided by the courier or draw up a separate report on these violations in the presence of the courier and immediately, but no later than within 2 (two) working days from the day of receipt of the shipment, notify the Seller by e-mail: info@zoombook.nl, indicating the fact of product violation (non-conformity) and its reason. If the quality of the product is not damaged due to the damaged packaging, the Buyer can accept the product by notifying the Seller by e-mail: info@zoombook.nl that only the package of the shipment was damaged. If the Buyer does not perform these actions, the Seller is released from responsibility towards the Buyer for product damage if the basis for the occurrence of such damage is not a manufacturing defect and for damages to the product package if these damages can be determined by inspecting the product. If the Buyer does not notify the Seller of product damage or discrepancies within the time limit set in this point, it is considered that the shipment was delivered in a suitable condition, there are no product damages, the basis of which cannot be attributed to a factory defect, and there are no damages to the packaging.
    10. When sending/delivering ZOOMBOOK products outside the borders of the Republic of Lithuania and/or the EU Customs Union, import taxes may apply to the product(s). Import taxes are not included in the product price. The payment of taxes associated with the product(s), including but not limited to any import, customs, VAT and other taxes, if applicable, is the Buyer's sole responsibility.
  14. Return of Products

    1. A quality product is unchangeable and the money paid by the Buyer is not refundable.
    2. Product defects are removed or low-quality products are replaced if the Seller is responsible for product quality defects.
    3. The Buyer can take advantage of the repayment of a defective product right within 5 (five) business days from the day of delivery of the product to him/her, informing the Seller thereof in accordance with the procedure stipulated in Clause 7.2 of the Policy.
    4. When returning a defective product, the following conditions must be met:
      1. the product must not be damaged by the Buyer;
      2. it is desirable that the returned product is returned in the Seller's packaging or other packaging for safe transportation/shipping;
      3. when returning the product, it is necessary to present a document confirming its purchase;
      4. The Seller has the right to refuse to accept the returns of the Buyer if the conditions for returning the product have not been met.
    5. In order to return a defective product, the Buyer must contact the Seller via the email address info@zoombook.nl. The Seller creates a return label for the shipment and sends it to the Buyer by e-mail. The return label must be affixed to the return that is securely packaged. The parcel can be returned in a way that is convenient for the Buyer - by courier or postal terminal, regardless of the way in which the Buyer received the parcel. The cost of returning a defective product shall be borne by the Seller.
    6. If the Seller is liable for defective product and it is not possible to correct the defects of the product, the money paid for the returned products to the Seller will be returned only by bank transfer to the payer's bank account.
  15. Complaints, negative feedback or ratings

    1. The Seller tries to provide the Buyer with an excellent experience during the purchase of ZOOMBOOK products, but if the Buyer remains dissatisfied with the ZOOMBOOK product or its services, he/she is invited to contact the Seller directly via email address info@zoombook.nl, so that the Seller can resolve the dissatisfaction or problem as soon as possible.
    2. Upon receiving a customer complaint, negative rating or feedback, the Seller will make every effort to find the most suitable individual solution to satisfy the customer's complaint or dissatisfaction.
    3. If the Buyer does not agree with the received answer or decision or has additional important information, which was not provided or not evaluated, it is suggested to contact the Seller again.
    4. If the decision is not made or the Buyer remains dissatisfied with the decision, the Buyer may use other dispute resolution methods specified in Chapter 19 of these Rules.
  16. Provision of Information

    1. The Seller provides the Buyer with information by using the e-mail provided on his/her registration form, and the Buyer may use all the communication channels specified in the ZOOMBOOK site section: Contacts.
    2. By agreeing to this Policy, the Buyer agrees that he/she will receive informational messages necessary for the ordering, payment and delivery of the products on the e-mail that he/she indicated.
  17. Liability

    1. The Visitor/Buyer undertakes to fully reimburse the Service Provider/Seller or any other person to whom the Visitor/Buyer has caused damage by using its ZOOMBOOK website and (or) services due to third parties' reasonable claims in respect of damage caused to their rights.
    2. The Service Provider/Seller is exempted from any liability in all cases where the loss arises from the fact that the Visitor/Buyer, despite the recommendations of the Service Provider/Seller and his/her obligations, did not get acquainted with this Policy, although such opportunity was granted to him/her.
    3. In case of damage, the responsible part compensates the other party for direct losses.
  18. Promotions. Gift Coupons

    1. The Seller may carry out various types of promotions, change their terms, terminate them at any time. Information about ongoing promotions is available on the ZOOMBOOK website.
    2. If the Visitor/Buyer chooses to give consent on the usage of the data provided by him/her for direct marketing purposes, the Service Provider/Seller may send information to the Visitor/Buyer about the promotions specified in this section by e-mail and/or SMS messages provided by him/her, excluding messages by which the Seller informs the Buyer about the status of the order placed.
    3. The Buyer can purchase gift coupons or by using them pay the amount specified in the gift coupon.
    4. When purchasing a gift coupon, the VAT invoice is not issued. VAT invoices are issued only after purchase of the ZOOMBOOK product.
    5. Gift coupon, after payment, is sent (delivered) only to the Buyer's e-mail.
    6. The gift coupon owner is responsible for keeping it and not displaying its unique code to anyone.
    7. Gift coupons cannot be exchanged to cash.
    8. If the amount of the order exceeds the amount of the Buyer's gift coupon, the Buyer must pay the difference of the price of the purchased product. If the order value is less than the amount of the gift coupon, the balance will not be refunded.
    9. Gift coupons can be used only once, after use the coupon becomes void.
    10. If the gift coupon has not been used during its validity, later it will be considered to be invalid.
    11. Gift coupon will not be updated if it gets lost, stolen or damaged.
    12. It is prohibited to copy or otherwise reproduce and falsify a gift coupon.
    13. The provisions of this section apply only to promotions organized by the Service Provider/Seller and do not apply when the promotions are organized through the Service Provider/Seller Intermediaries. In this case, the Visitor/Buyer must comply with the Service Provider's/Seller's Intermediaries' terms of purchase-sale policy, with which the Buyer agrees when he/she purchases coupons.
  19. Final Provisions

    1. This Policy has been drawn up in accordance with the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
    2. The laws of the Republic of Lithuania shall apply to relations arising on the basis of this Policy.
    3. All disputes arising from the execution of this Policy shall be resolved by negotiation. Failing to reach an agreement, disputes shall be resolved in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania in accordance with the place of performance of the Service Provider/Seller.
    4. Intra-judicial disputes in the Republic of Lithuania are settled by the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority, with registered office at Vilniaus g. 25, LT-01402 Vilnius, www.vvtat.lt.
    5. Claims or complaints about the product purchased on the ZOOMBOOK website may be provided by the Buyer at the electronic dispute resolution platform http://ec.europa.eu/odr/.
    6. The Policy was last updated on 01/12/2022.