Regels voor het delen van Zoombook layouts

Customers of ZOOMBOOK website (hereinafter referred to as the Users) have the possibility to share layout files of the photo books, calendars, notebooks that they have created on ZOOMBOOK website, except postcards and photo canvas (hereinafter - the Layout) with friends, colleagues, acquaintances or make them available to the public in accordance with sharing rules of ZOOMBOOK Layout (hereinafter – the Rules).

Users of ZOOMBOOK website can make their layouts available to particular chosen persons or a group of them (for example, only to your organisation or a particular group of persons) or make it public to all third parties (for example, by placing on a social network), hereinafter - the Recipients.

The User is able to share the link of the Layout with the selected Recipients only after having purchasing the Layout, i.e. from the shelf of the ordered items, by clicking on the icon on the right side of the item Layout and choosing "Share".

The User is able to share the Layout by:
  • sending the link of the Layout to a desired e-mail address or by posting it on social networks;
  • entering specific e-mail addresses of the Recipients and sending a generated e-mail with a link to a sharing Layout to the indicated e-mail address by ZOOMBOOK.

If the Recipients of the link share the received e-mail address or the link indicated in it with other persons, people that you did not share with directly, will be able to see the content of the link.

If the link is shared publicly (e.g., on social networks, etc.), the Layout (including photographs) will be visible to all who use or do not use the services of public websites. The link, shared by the Users publicly (including photographs), can be seen in search results of public websites and other services that they provide.

You can cancel sharing at any time. In this case, the link will open a blank page. If you do not remove sharing, the link will be active and the Recipients will be able to get the Layout file.

After having received the link of the Layout, all the Recipients will be able to open an active link, view the Layout and purchase the item according to the Layout for your personal use by choosing "Order".

The Recipient of the link will be able to buy the items only after having registered in ZOOMBOOK system in accordance with ZOOMBOOK sale-purchase rules. By ordering the item, the Recipients of the link are responsible themselves for making and carrying out the transaction, as well as for any other obligations related to making and carrying out of the Transaction. By purchasing the items, the Recipients acquire the ownership of them; however, they do not get the interest of the author to the sharing Layout. By purchasing the item, the Recipient agrees to use it only for personal purposes but not for public or commercial use. By purchasing the item, the Recipient agrees that the Layouts are sold with ZOOMBOOK logo. The Recipient shall pay attention to the rules of intellectual property, privacy policy, and other, existing on ZOOMBOOK website.

By sharing a link with the Recipients, the User gives the following rights to ZOOMBOOK, including but not limited to: showing the original of the Layout; publishing the Layout, including making it available on computer networks (on the Internet), reproducing the Layout in any form or by any means, distributing the Layout when selling to the extent related to the transactions with the Recipients of the Layout link free of charge.

ZOOMBOOK provides only technical means to Layout sharing and is neither the representative, nor the agent or negotiator of the Users sharing the Layout. Layout sharing feature is given for the sake of convenience; however, the Users themselves assume the risk and responsibility for sharing, content, and usage of the Link.

Any modification, processing, and copying of the content accessible through ZOOMBOOK website and the Layout design (if not indicated otherwise) made by the User or the Recipient and / or other unauthorised usage without the written ZOOMBOOK permit and / or not following these Rules are the subject to violation of copyright and other rights, which entail liability under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

The User and / or the Recipient state(s) and confirm(s) that they have read and understood these Link sharing Rules and agree(s) with the fact that they are mandatory and undertake(s) to follow them.

By using the ability to share the Layout, the User shall confirm that he/she:
  • understands that the entire responsibility for Layout sharing, accuracy and compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania of the information related to Layout sharing have the User that submitted the Layout and information related to it.;
  • understands and confirms that the Users are responsible for the authorship of the Layout, and the violation of legislation regulating these rules, intellectual property protection and other;
If the user does not indicate otherwise, the Recipients shall agree that they do not have the right to make the following actions related to the Layout:
  • use for commercial purposes;
  • distribute, transfer, lease, rent for a fee, sell, assign or transfer the rights in any other way;
  • copy, including partial copying;
  • change, edit, modify, translate, decompile, create derivative products or make other changes;
  • remove, conceal, falsify, destroy or change;
  • indicate the source if using incorrectly;
  • transfer, export (re-export) and (or) import (re-import) into any country, including the country in which it is prohibited to export and import;
  • use it in order to create any database or collection and include such databases or collections.
By agreeing to these mandatory rules, the User shall agree to additional rules for photographs:
  • You confirm that you have all rights to the photographs because you took it yourself or you have the authors’ consent to use the photographs on ZOOMBOOK website.
  • You are responsible for the receipt of a clear and unquestionable consent of people, who are recognisable in photographs, that their image may be used on ZOOMBOOK website;
  • You take responsibility for any possible claims and demands of third parties to pay compensation related to photographs.
ZOOMBOOK is not responsible for:
  • the authorship of the photographs, illustrations or textual material submitted by the User, as well as for the facts, topic, consequences provided in textual material, and content errors in the Layout;
  • the activities performed by the User; it does not control such activities and does not represented the User. The provision of the services of Layout link sharing does not mean that ZOOMBOOK supports or maintains a content of the Layout in any way;
  • the quality of the Layout, except the quality of Polygraphic print, conformity with the description and / or the complement;
  • any violation of legislation regulating intellectual property protection and other, if the Users commit this kind of violation, for the infringement of the copyright by publishing their Layouts, as well as for any related, direct or indirect tangible and intangible losses that the User and / or the Recipient may have;
  • inappropriate and / or illegal behaviour of the Users and / or the Recipient, as well as for the infringement of legislation being committed or already committed by the User and / or the Recipient of any nature and in any ways.
ZOOMBOOK has the right (but not the obligation):
  • in order to prevent the violations of intellectual property rights, to check whether the Layouts, which the User is going to share, do not infringe intellectual property rights.
  • in case of suspicion or after having received the information or claims from the Recipients of the link, to demand the User to confirm that the Layouts, which were shared or made public, and the information related to them are correct and, including, but not limited to, to demand to submit the proof of the authorship of the Layout.
  • at any time at its own initiative and discretion or after having received the notification from other people, to delete / remove any shared or published Layouts of the User or any other related information if, in ZOOMBOOK opinion, the Layouts violate the requirements of the Rules or legislation or are contrary to morality and / or public order.
  • to follow the actions of the User and / or the Recipient on ZOOMBOOK website at any time, verify any infringements of these Rules and take all the measures to stop and remove all possible infringements, as well as to prevent further infringements committed by the Users and / or the Recipients.

ZOOMBOOK reserves the right to change any part of the website and these Terms. When inserting the changes on ZOOMBOOK website, it does not undertake to notify about it. If you disagree with these changes, you must cease to use the website. If you use the website after having published the changes, it means your consent to the changes.